25 November 2009

Elizabeth Peyton in NL

Elizabeth Peyton at Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, NL.

I was very curious to see Elizabeth Peyton's paintings in real. By all the reproductions I have seen I always thought they were made on paper. Not at all, they are most of them minuscule paintings on 'fresco' prepared boards or sometimes on linen. They have a very attractive whiteness. The oil strokes are very wet and certain.

Her manierist 'boys look' are rather stereotyped on their facial gestures, but that is probably a portraitist tic. Compositions are sometimes rather weird, if not disturbing, as she seems afraid of painting hands, often when she paints them they don't look very 'handy'.

Whenever she makes legs they remind me of El Greco paintings on their artificial length.

The use of color I liked the most on this work.

The big room at the Bonnefanten Museum made Payton's paintings look even smaller.

I suppose the curator at the museum must be a very long man as all works were perfectly hung for someone of 1.93 cm length. With the 'distance' strip on the floor it was one step more difficult to appreciate the small works.

One of the older works at the exhibition: a drawing of Napoleon. Already with her 'young face' trademarks.

It is difficult to forget an Elizabeth Payton painting. With all the buts I can think of at the end she gave me a lot of visual pleasure.

My photographs except the last one that comes from the Museum site.

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