01 October 2009

Hermitage or the museum of the 19th century

The recently opened Hermitage Amsterdam.
Because of the moment the Russian Czar and his family was killed during the revolution most of the objects left are a true image of the European high class taste of the turn of the century. It is at the end mostly a sumptuous museum of mainly applied arts and fashion (19th century).
Judging by the crowds visiting it in the 100 days after its opening it seems the museum has found its niche.

The shoes collection, they were ordered the same models in all colors of the rainbow. Shoe craziness is of all times.

My two favorite objects of the present exhibition, two fancy decorated purses that I would just use right away and every day.

Two of the best portrait examples.

I was not confronted by specifically Russian experience, except like here with this sad print of a killed baby bear.

The exhibited objects are luxuriously presented, as expected.
The old 1680 building formally home for old women turned museum.

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