06 October 2009

Brina Thurston’s Open Call

My work is being presented at:

Frieze Projects 2009

"Impossible Exchange'
Arte Contempo, Lisbon
Curators Filipa Oliveira and Miguel Amado will present a group of artists’ commissions that play on the transactional nature of the art fair. From their stand, visitors will be invited to engage in a number of activities that reverse or subvert the usual exchange of money for goods or services.

Wednesday 14 October: Carey Young is signing a limited edition of Donorcard – a version of the wallet-sized British organ donor card. Visitors are able to take a card for free but must countersign it in order for it to become art a status that will last only while both signatories are alive.

Thursday 15 October: Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle present Time Bank, a trading scheme that bypasses currency. The unit of Time Bank is an ‘hour note’ which can be sued to swap goods and services with a worldwide network of participants.

Friday 16 October: Brina Thurston’s Open Call consists of an open submission offer to artists that are not included in the 2009 Frieze Art Fair. All the submitted proposals are being presented at the booth for one day only.

Saturday 17 October: DAYTODAY0 is the culmination of an ongoing project in which Carolina Caycedo trades personal possessions and services. At Frieze Art Fair, Caycedo is trading commemorative patches and books about the project.

Sunday 18 October: In The Review Fia Backström is working with a voice coach and a group of art critics to assist these writers to mount a compelling performance of their review of the fair.

In Hostess, Joana Bastos is taking on the persona and duties of a gallery assistant at the Arte Contempo booth for the duration of the fair.

'Open Call', a project by Brina Thurston for 'Impossible Exchange' at Frieze Projects

Within the framework of Frieze Projects at the 2009 edition of Frieze Art Fair, New York-based artist Brina Thurston is organizing 'Open Call', a work presented by the curatorial team Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado as part of the project 'Impossible Exchange'.

Brina Thurston's 'Open Call' considers the ostensibly democratic process by which art institutions invite artists to submit works to be considered for exhibition, but in which many factors other than quality and merit operate. Transporting what happens behind closed doors to a public arena, this project consists of an open call to artists that are not included in the 2009 Frieze Art Fair and the presentation in a booth of all the proposals submitted for one day. Brina Thurston queries the existing logic of open calls by providing exposure opportunities for a range of artists outside of the gallery system and shifting the power of selection to the artist.

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