07 September 2009

New art season, current at Heden

The artists from Groningen Jeroen Glas and Henrik Kroner opened a double exhibition at Heden (current or actual in Dutch) in The Hague.
While The Hague was celebrating the start of the performing art season, and just outside were masses of people, Heden was in relatively calm with the first show under new direction Jacko Brinkman and Rob Knijn.
Maybe they were chosen to show their work together because they both work with light, one literally and the other figurative.

Jeroen Glas

Henrik Kroner 2x.

The artists working together 2x.

Henrik Kroner (l) Jeroen Glas (r).

Rob Knijn, Erik Jan Ligtvoet, everything being recorded.

Jacko Brinkman between the beams

The dj T0ktek and vj Mnk or the other way round.

Kees Koomen forgetting to take photos and enjoying the performance.

Knijn Jr.

Kroner between fans.

Andre Kruysen as in Romeo (and Juliet)

Eelco van der Lingen wondering if my camera was working.

A very blogged exhibition.
To see more: Chmkoome , Trendbeheer, Jackokijktkunst and 5uur


Kees said...

And great it was, I loved Toktek&Mnk

VILLA said...

this is a Knijn jr.