24 September 2009

Marini & Manzù

Sculpture Club @ Museum Beelden aan Zee in The Hague invited to a lecture about the Italian artists Marino Marini & Giacomo Manzù.
Exhibition: Marino Marini & Giacomo Manzù, women, horse riders and cardinals.
(And their Dutch followers as Arthur Spronken or Theresia van der Pant.)

Giacomo Manzù x2

Marino Marini x2

Directeur Jan Teeuwisse finds Oskar Kokoschka's (Manzú's) neck very interesting

Manzú's women

Sculputure Club members Margot Dussel and Wilma Hartman discussing an sculpture of a dead cardinal by one of the Dutch followers. By the way a rather non Dutch topic.

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