29 September 2009

Folk design and Gijs Frieling

Gijs Frieling Winner 2009 Cobra Art Prize Amstelveen
Vernacular Painting
26.09 - 29.11.2009
The installation 'Vernacular Painting' is being created especially for this exhibition.
Cobra Museum, Amstelveen

Two views of the pavilion.

The celebrating happy artist Gijs Frieling (in purple) and his four children here and there.

Beautiful young art lovers (coming probably many of them from neighbour Amsterdam) ready for the opening.

Matching guest and painting (not Frieling's).

Waiting for the speakers.

Waiting for the speakers to finish their speech.
With chairs only for one fourth of the guests and after one full hour of speeches (and still a new coming) I left the museum. Not before having walked through the installation nearly on my own.

One of the paintings through the structure of the pavilion.

Thanks to the long speeches Aldo Kroese and friend enjoying the exhibition for themselves.

Attractive, thanks to the strange shadows.

Embroidery and decorative wall paintings as if they had always been together.

The much talked about Frieling painting at the collection of the Nederlandsche Bank.

An inside view of the pavilion.

Frieling's Ophelia.

The source of the invitation, "popular" free-hand lettering.

As a good bye: a Donal Judd paper maquette.

"In the exhibition gallery of the Cobra Museum, Gijs Frieling will build an interior space, a long, enclosed room with several entrances. The inner and outer walls will be painted by the artist and his assistants. These paintings are ornamental, of plants, animals, columns and knots that reinforce the architecture while at the same time altering the atmosphere of the space. They form the background for other paintings, drawings and works in needlepoint. Frieling's Vernacular Painting installation will include ten large paintings completed over the last 15 years, as well as a number of small paintings and needlepoint works, including replicas of works by René Daniëls, Philip Guston and Donald Judd". Cobra Museum

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