14 September 2009

Artistic High Tide

Photos from the last Hoogtij #18 (High tide):
Hoogtij is a four times a year art route of mainly alternative and 'indy' galleries in The Hague.

(Ex)-Mekh at Ruimtevaart:

Installation and the real Ellen Rodenberg

2x Kees Koomen, paintings and video

The Hague artistic hairy crowd: Barney de Krijger, Machiel van Soest and Marcel van Eeden

Joel van Houdt with photos over migrating by boat at Gemak: quite a story!

9/11 at Baracca:

Impressed public listening to Yvo van der Vat

work by Maxeem Konrady

work by Marisa Polin

work by Niek Satijn

page size "9/11 impressions"

Bloody installation at the new BH139:

Timmy van Zoelen at 1646

Attractive wall paintings at the otherwise cool Andergrond, reminding me of some Chelsea galleries where they do very well pretending you are not there.

More on Hoogtij 18: Chmkoome, Ellen Rodenberg

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