06 July 2009

Royal Academy of The Hague: graduation show 3

Jetty Iestra 2x, one of my favorites. I really enjoyed her show.

Nanda Milbreta, even without the sound (it was so soft that I could not hear it) it made a good image.

The Sun made me enjoy this installation 3x by Tom Abbink

Fieke Ypma, buttons and nails.

The rising star (as a teacher told me): Stephan van den Burg 2x.
His 21 ways to misspell my name I have seen it before by Vanessa Monokian.

Typography. I wish I had nostalgia for the building where I also studied.

Lisette Huizenga, better with inhabitants.

Edwin Jans x2
info: Kabk
More photos: Trendbeheer, Polink, Strange Messenger, Chmkoome, and dolfpauw
eind Kabk, eindexamen


Fieke Ypma said...

'The Sun that made me enjoy this installation'
This work was made by Fieke Ypma.

Marisa Polin said...

Thanks, but I meant the work above yours in the blog. Yours was in the same room of Stephan van den Burg's work.

fieke ypma said...

Hi Marisa,
you're right, stupid of me.
Thanks for adding my name to the picture of my work.
The work 'The Sun...etc' is made
by Tom Abbink.
Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marisa,

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I'm interested which work of
Vanessa Monokian you are referring to: is it on her site? (pfff, so
much for originality;-))

Greetings (or could i speak dutch?)
Stephan van den Burg


Marisa Polin said...

The puzzle is complete. Thanks again.

I saw Vanessa Monokian's work at her atelier in Miami and I think is not on her site.
Why don't you contact her, and let me know what happens. I can even vaguely remember someone else who made a similar project. It is obviously a common ground, the important thing is how do you express it.

And yes, we can speak Dutch.


Anonymous said...

Bedoel je deze kunstenaar..?