12 July 2009

Michael Raedecker comes to The Hague

Gem shows since yesterday recent works by Michael Raedecker.
After getting used to his new, more sober and classic works I really enjoyed his embroidery-paintings. The apparent banality of some of the themes enclosed a lot of masterly beauty. The serenity of the works was in contrast with the enthusiasm of the public, among them many ka (known artists) and chic visitors, most of them speaking English.
And by the way I did not see Michael Raedecker himself, I only hope he was outside at the terrace enjoying his first solo in The Netherlands in many years.

Towel or kitchen towel?

My favorite works 3x

Detail of the combination paint and embroidery.

Wouter van Riessen having a long chat in front of the first painting of the exhibition.

Erik Bos and Michiel Moreel (ex-director of Heden) taking a visual art break.

Artists Zeger Reyers and Pietertje van Splunter observing Raedecker's technique seconds before their attention was called by the museum staff.
As an artist I knows how it feels: your are completely enjoying the work of art, you wouldn't dare to harm the work and some one tells you to back of as if you had never been before in a museum.

Gray on gray.
More at Trendbeheer and Chmkoome.


Anonymous said...

Is Julian van Kranendonk niet Erik Bos eigenlijk?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, getekend CHMK dus.

Marisa Polin said...

Thanks for correcting me.