21 April 2009

Apologies with a view

Mexico City:

From my studio a view of the Ajusco Mountain.

A sunset from my studio.

One of the more than monumental flags around the city as seen from my studio.

A church atrium in Coyoacan.

A policeman organizing the morning traffic in front of a school.

Children enjoying themselves on Sunday at the Centro Nacional de las Artes.

Part of my Mexico routine.

Cocoyoc, Morelos:

A new house covering it's view of the magnificent Tepozteco.

Field with the Popocatepetl at a distance.

A sensous nopal of opuntia plant with fruit.

After two months in Mexico and having visited plenty of beautiful places, taking lots of photographs and having many stories to tell on the blog I had been just nearly unable to do it. My laptop is old and slow, the internet connection I 'borrow' from a neighbour I don't know is really slow (terribly slow!) and I stayed the last two weeks at a great place but with not internet at all. I feel like being censored at a 100% rate.
On the other hand all the drawing and reading I had been doing makes me feel really satisfied.
I am very thankful to Maria Ikonomopoulou to keep the blog-fire alive with art from The Netherlands, Greece and others.
All my regards, Marisa


Anonymous said...

Soon, on my blog Kees Koomen in Oaxaca 25 years ago!

Miguel Avila said...

que bonita vista... me imagino que la inspiracion llega sola...

izan said...

hehe..juz like u, my laptop wif d internet is a part of my life =D