31 March 2009

Salvador Novo Street

The old and quiet Salvador Novo Street is just one street behind from the long ago covered river, begins next to the Viveros de Coyoacan and ends at the TaxqueƱa Av. now known as Miguel Angel de Quevedo.
I had never made the short walk completely. Mostly I cross it when I pass through the beautiful street of Francisco Sosa that cuts it in two, all this in the historical area of Coyoacan, Mexico City.

On the side of Viveros there are many new, perfect 'posh covers' of the old colonial style. Getting near to Francisco Sosa you find the real big colonial houses.

On one of these corners is the runned down wall and door of what used to be the house of the poet Salvador Novo. The house is probably long ago gone. Later on the left side is the Watercolor Museum, that I still have to visit for the first time (shame).

Nearly in front of the museum is the house of the late Mexican and Hollywood actress Dolores de Rio.

Next to it there are some -not as pompous- entrances to other houses but also making you wish to visit their interiors.

Near to the end with Quevedo you find two similar modern houses from probably the late 60's, strangely enough these are the houses that I have always noticed and I remember the most from my childhood. In one of them, the probably still handsome actor Jorge Riveo, used to live. These two 'modern houses' look now even nicer than then.

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