10 March 2009

Covadonga Cantina

Covadonga is an old traditional cantina in the Roma neighbourhood of Mexico City. Founded by Spanish Republicans and long visited by the Mexican left(ish) is now the place to meet artists and wannabes.
On my first visit the natural center of attention was the presence of Gabriel Orozco a regular visitor it seems. There were the gallerist Kuri, jong artists as Mauricio Limon, curator Marco Barrera Bassols, artists Ivan Gonzalez de Leon and Arturo Rodriguez Doring, 'promotor' Aldo Flores and the discussed architecht Alberto Kalach. Many of them jumped from table to table talking to each other as old friends and sometimes as old enemies.

Gabriel Orozco and Arturo Rodriguez Doring

Artist Mauricio Limon (Albert Durer look alike) is ready to exhibit next month at Hilario Galguera Gallery in Leipzig.

Artists Ivan Gonzalez de Leon, Vanessa Garcia and architect Alberto Kalach.

I was told that the 'not so beautiful' wall decorations were designed by Gironella's son. Though next ot the gentleman's room there was an intriguing painting.

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Aldo promotor???, le quedan bien esas comillas.