07 February 2009

Trendbeheer presenteert @ Art Rotterdam

Yesterday after the hectic of the collectors and ateliers tours I was finally able to visit the exhibition at Trendbeheer. It was not that easy to find but the space was excellent for the presentation. Trendbeheer.com/artrotterdam

Daan Samson, commenting fashion and present trends.

Marc Bijl, I forgot to buy his poster.

Juan Chavez, maybe Brancussi?

Niels Post, with a wobbly stomach.

Jeroen Jongeleen, the old way of creating movement.

Michael T Rea, have I seen it before?

Cody Hudson, makes me think of the 50's I never knew.

Marcha van den Hurk 2x

Charlotte Schleiffert 2x

Hadassah Emmerich, always with a high degree of attraction.

Sighn, may I say pretty?

Esther Kokmeijer, the center of all continents on an earthy color.

Koen Delaere left Charlotte Schleiffert right.


Jeroen Bosch, difficult to take a good photograph of the black paintings.

Brian Ulrich, archeology of the future.

Aron Gent
Florentijn Hofman
Jeroen Kuster
Jason Lazarus
Mathijs Lieshout
Abner Preis
Sebastiaan Schlicher

Happy visitors.

Photos ©Marisa Polin

Art Rotterdam celebrates.

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