05 February 2009

Art Rotterdam celebrates 10 years

A passionate Artist Anonymous at Ron Mandos. Behind him the hands of a second Artist Anonymous.

Susan Collis won the Illy Prize. Take your time to look at it.

Sebastian Gogel without the Illy prize.

Sylvia B. chatting probably with another artist.

Maria Ikonomopoulou in front of her work at Mirta Demare Gallery.

Igor Eskinga at the friendly Federico Luger's stand.

It looks like Damien Hirst, it must be.

Sexy Michael Kirkham

Marijn Akkermans at/with Gabriel Rolt with a client.

A richly painted Ge Karel van der Sterren.

Boo Ritson paints directly on the model. It nearly looks delicious.

Koraalberg Gallery with a varyied choice of figurative and abstract artists:

Joris Ghekiere, it reminds me of a few prize winnars Dutch artists.

Gauthier Hubert

Charlotte Scheiffert's typical large ladies at one of the idem stand.

Diederich Gerlach at Maurits van der Laar

Justin Wijers also at MvdL

Tim Braden

Info: Art Rotterdam
Photos: Kunstbeeld / Trendbeheer / Trendbeheer2 / Chmkoome / Whatspace / NRC / Jacko / Jacko 2


VJ Sophie said...

B'ful pics!!

Marisa Polin said...

Thanks Sophie, take a further look, I just added some more.

Alexandra said...

How is the festival?
I might go there this week end but I'm not sure yet.

Marisa Polin said...

I really like it, there are many good names at the fair. And satellite events. Actually not enough for one day.