30 January 2009

The Rijksmuseum at the Peace Palace

What is the relation between the two institutions?
We always think of the Rijksmuseum as an Amsterdam's building but it is actually the national collection and it can be located at many places. In this case the Rijksmuseum invited at the Peace Palace in The Hague to enjoy the three huge Ferdinand Bol's paintings that they have on a permanent loan from the Rijksmusem (since 1913) and to witness the succesful restoration of them. The restoration has just been completed by the Rijksmuseumin in collaboration with the Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg. The gigantic canvases were transported to the Bonefantemuseum where the public was able to admire the restoration behind glass.

Margriet Eikema Hommes from the Rijksmuseum

Showing how it used to look with the shiny yellowish glace.

The nearly 100 years building has a rich history, and there are gifts from different countries.
This is the French gift.

A curious Wim Pijbes, director of the Rijksmuseum.

The beautiful sculpture welcoming at the recht room.

A surprising religious note in a 'political neutral' building.

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