13 December 2008

Who is the artist?

Lecture of Hans den Hartog Jager at Nest about status, name and authorship in the art world.

How could he give a lecture about authorship without talking of Demian Hirst?

Hans den Hartog Jager was not disappointed by the public. The visitors came not only in big numbers but they also knew who were all the artists of his "mystery works quiz".

Ronald Ophuis?

Pietertje van Splunter?

Meeting my 'blog colleague' Jeroen Bosch from Trendbeheer.

Miranda Timmers from Heden

I wonder if we would get to know who the artists are of this exhibition?

I’m not here at Nest
22 november until 11 january 2008
At this show behind the name cards hide international and Dutch known artists.
Openingstijden: Vrijdag t/m Zondag, 13.00 uur – 18.00 uur
De Constant Rebequeplein 20b Den Haag.

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