22 November 2008

Entertaining musicians

I don't know who has a better time, the musicians or the public.
The concert of the Nederlans Blazers Ensemble of A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Nieuw Kerk in The Hague was fully enjoyable. The concept is quite special, a well catered fancy dinner in a beautiful modernized very old church listening to an excellent classic music group, performance-like played with singer-clown-actors guest act. Conclusion, it was an evening of beautiful music and big laugh. The special guests were The Ashton Brothers.
It makes me thing of the popular Argentinian group Les Luthiers, with musicians who are far more extreme than the NBE but also make fun of everything.
From their site:
The Nederlans Blazers Ensemble is famous for its high level of performance and its unique and adventurous programming. The ensemble creates music theatre events for the concert hall. Categorisations such as ‘classical’ or ‘contemporary’ are too narrow for their programmes, but one element they all share is a sense of the theatrical.

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