01 November 2008

Damien Hirst: one work, all the attention

On Halloween was The Netherlands at his feet.
Opening of the solo exhibition (of one work) of Damien Hirst at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
What I thought was the opening was only a VIP one, the SUPER-VIP opening with the presence of Hirst himself was the evening before. "No photos allowed", so I can only show some VIP photos.
The skull was bright as only nearly 9000 diamonds can make it shine.

The waitress wearing some of the trendy shirts from the special Hirst Shop.

Hans Hoogervorst and Rijksmuseum new director Wim Pijbes in front of the dj/sax player.
Rijksmuseum's Eva Kalis and me.

More photos at trendbeheer.
More about Hirst at Polink.

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