04 November 2008

Copying copies

Rupert Bound makes it blunt to Damien Hirst with his own spin paintings.
Mogan Boyce gallery, last weekend at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam.
Specially the one above of Hirst is very much like Bound's. Would you buy a Rupert Bound and tell friends is a Hirst's?

Damien Hirst 4x

As a child I remember this spinning machine at the fair where you could make and 'art work' in seconds. I always thought about it as not good enough but I saw a lot of possibilities just as Hirst in fact did. It also reminded me of a Mexican artist Leonardo Nierman (my father used to call Mierdan) and we never liked it at home, but his huge paintings were highly priced and selling well. Apparently they are still being sold.

Leonardo Nierman 3x

"Ladron que roba a ladron, tiene 100 años de perdon."

More on Hirst at Polink.



me acuerdo perfecto de esas... "centrífugas" para hacer diseños, sólo una vez hice uno y al final me decepcionó.

Marisa Polin said...

Gracias por tu comentaria. Llegue a pensar que etaba imaginando esa maquina. Saludo.