18 July 2008

Thornsten Brinkmann and other artists at Gem

I just visited the newly open exhibition at Gem Museum in The Hague.
Thornsten Brinkmann art works made me laugh, amazed me and made me think. I just loved it all. I had the feeling he paints with the photographs of different odd objects. He draws with photographs of accumulated objects in one color. His hanging unfolded sofa makes me thing of Oldenburg or Rauschenberg but it is hugely Brinkmann's. The unrelated crazy dual objects on rescued furniture as pilars is colorful and entertaining.
To see his surprising classical photo portraits with rejected pieces of cheap materials as background, shaping together a living room of its strangest kind you have to go through the door of a cheap cupboard. Magically and carefully creates his very own world and you feel at home.
His series ends with a naturally funny and fast video of objects that have a movement or that he transforms.
I can really recommend this exhibition to everybody even the most esceptical ones.

Sebastian Gogel gets the largest of the rooms at Gem museum.
The smokers painting is a rather repulsive one and many of his other works too. After I got into his 'wave' I was able to appreciate some of the paintings that are deffinetely 'different', except the spaghetti like painting that remind me of some other artist.

I went searching for more information on Enrique Marty before I left for the museum, but that didn't prepared me for his masterly and powerful use of watercolours. The watercolor video was also a nice surprise.
If his sculptures had been shown in England they would had been probably be classified 'only for adults' or at least with a 'beware' post sign. The children-adult figures seem dead and show strong drama in a 'fictional reality'.
Marty's watercolors are traditional with a big surprise effect. Also something new and intriguing.

Martin Eder's photographs specially the first one as you come in the near dark gallery are rich and are still questioning me. Who are them, why, how? Are they real women? Are the photo's manipulated?

At the Fotomuseum The Empty Paradise photographic exhibition didn't impressed me more than the usual, but make a good compliment with the Gem art works.
Gem Museum.

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