05 July 2008

Body language by Ingrid Betancourt

Why is it that nearly everybody (except Ingrid's son) from Betancourt to Sarkozy is dressed as if they were going to a funeral? All of them are wearing dark, sober, suits. I would have expected something happier for this moment.

Have they ever meet before?
While Sarkozy is busy looking at the cameras -Are they taking the picture or not?-, Betancourt expresses a lot of concentration in this moment. Why is it that often people close their eyes while kissing -or being kissed as in this case-?
The doubt is growing about the rescue operation, and one of the arguments is her good health. I see an extremely thin person, not broken, but not exactly the healthiest person on earth.
I am delighted at the way Ingrid Betancourt has been talking. She expresses with clarity and wisdom, not giving any space for antagonism. Her voice tone is also very peaceful but certain. I wonder what is it going to happen?

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Anonymous said...

Chécate esto Mecri, es en relación a algo que observabas sobre el rescate de Ingrid Betancourt y coméntame, http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2008/07/11/index.php?section=opinion&article=022a2pol