13 June 2008

Shameful mistakes on a newspaper.

The Dutch quality daily newspaper made a incomprehensible (for me) mistake.
Yesterday there was on the "arty" supplement the main article on Marlene Dumas, the pride of Zuid Afrika and The Netherlands. She had been having the last two years the most impressive exhibitions and her USA tour starts next week.
Only this morning I saw briefly the front page of yesterdays newspaper, where they promote the supplement. As I saw the photo I thought it doesn't look like Marlene, she has changed a lot. Today I see on corrections that it was actually a photo of Deborah Wolf the art expert for ABN AMRO and what I didn't notice: they called her Malene!
I imagine Marlene looking with disappoint at the picture and name!

Left Marlene Dumas, right Deborah Wolf.
And yes, I know the image is mirrored! (It comes from my Photo Booth).

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