28 June 2008

Unexpected war related sentiment

I was constantly hearing flying helicopters. I could not remember reading on the newspaper of any official visit this week end so I only hoped there had not been a big accident or something like that.
Later as we left for our 'biking family Saturday' we were literally confronted with hundreds of soldiers and higher ranked military members. Many of them had complete gray hair: Veteran's Parade. It was apparently the fourth year (where was I the other years as it is at the corner of our house?) of this huge military parade.
I got right away very sentimental as I saw the very old men waving to the crowds. I thought of the war and all the different outcomes of it. I was unexpectedly surprised by my emotion.
Such a photo opportunity was not to me missed. Later one of the veterans I photographed even asked me to send him the pics.
My last (and probably first) Military Parade was on Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City probably at age 7. It was 20th of November, day of the Revolution. Many memories came back to me and with it many comparisons.
What I found fascinating was the deep empathy of the public and the participants. There was a clear symbiosis. Some of the veterans were so proudly conscious of their performance that it was beautiful to see.

The route of the parade was also the one of The Hague Sculpture, here an example and also info.

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