16 June 2008

Beautiful women.

"Now days there are no beautiful women, only rich women and poor women".
I heard that last week.
Some faces show efficiently that they either had been worked out by facial surgeons or at least had a strong dose of Botox. But with some you doubt and you don't know if you are looking at natural beauty (as far as that still exists) or certain skins had only been 'recently treated'. I feel foolish some times as I want to say a compliment about a beautiful skin and have the doubt if I am being tricked or not.
We are coming to a point when we are enthusiast about how a natural flower looks so nice that it seems as if it was artificial.
Some examples had shown me that the male partners, probably with less 'enhancements', look often more attractive and certainly more natural. This could be an easy argument not to risk your natural aging by surgery.
But whom I am to say it... Even going to the dentist and having some treatments could be described as esthetical and non medical procedures. Those who do not dye their hair still go to the stylist for a hair cut. Where is the line of acceptance? We had been already thousand years trying to look better. Some ethical questions would not stop it.


Anonymous said...

dejémonos truquear pienso yo, ya no sabremos del "origen" de la belleza, el chiste es que nos resulte agradable y si uno duda es que en realidad no nos gusta esa "belleza" aunque sea perfecta, es decir el truco no funcionó, con todo mi cariño Mecri, Moño

Marisa Polin said...

Me parece una buena solucion.