01 June 2008

The answers to some of the most often asked questions

(Only the answers!)

From Mexico.
I don't know maybe an average of every two years.
No, I don't miss it.
They still live there.
Only my mother.
One brother and one sister.
Here is great, I can work very well.
There it is also cold in the mornings and evenings.
No, it is not as warm as people think, it is 2200 meters above sea level.
An artist.
People know me the most for my portrait paintings.
Drawings, photographs and sculptures.
Yes, I do exhibit my work.
I work every day.
I work the whole day.
No, I don't paint every day.
Yes, I sell.
First artist, then the rest.
More than 25 years ago.
It is a beautiful space with plenty of light.
We met in London, I was living there.
We had common friends.
Only one, already eleven years old.
Yes, he is enjoying it, people are different in his new area.
He misses creativity.
No, even fewer hours than before, but relaxed in a way.
The Hague is nice.
I still don't know why, but probably subconsciously I planned it.
If I was not here I would have liked to be here.
Because of him.
Since 1990.
There are many Mexicos.
Eighteen years and started the course on the third day. I thought it was easy.

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