04 May 2008

Rain and sea in Thailand

This is not our first stay in Thailand, and on every visit I've felt many times the warm rain on my clothes, either in the mountainous north or in the sandy south every time we have had rain. We were welcomed in Bangkok (BKK for once visitors) on Chinatown with a short lived heavy rain fall. Just by jumping out of the taxi into the hotel, what was that: 7 seconds, I was dripping wet by the heavy rain drops. Not that it bothered me.

On this trip Hans made all bookings and chosen his "elegant" hotels, at least chic comparing to what would have been my own choice if I had been alone.

We are on our last afternoon in Phuket. Kata beach is nearly monopolized by a long time ago "never out of fashion" decorated Club Med. They were probably early buyers of this piece of land. It is spaciously built but far too neutrally decorated and it feels as coming from the past. As they own most of the beach front and we are not the 'club med types' we are staying at a higher placed hotel on the south end.

The last 5 mornings we had been waking up at the same time, eating the same for breakfast, taking the hotel shuttle at the same time –in both directions-, eating the same on the beach: delicious mango with salt (the restaurant holder looked to me as if I was crazy as I asked for salt), one fried rice, one pad thai and an extra plate, exactly on the same place on the beach, and very illogical, on the most northern part of the cozy beach.

So even though we are partly helped by the shuttle we have to make still a long walk to our favorite-every-day spot.

Today I had a beautiful new experience. The day was for a change not bright sunny but grey and unclear. After getting into the soft and warm sea started raining, and that was amazing all the uniformed blue-grey water with a shiny white edge. The background disappeared and only the nearest meters of salty water were on sight. As the rain increased I even had the feeling of swimming in a sweet water lake, and it seemed, but of course it was not truth as if magically the water got quiet and lazy under the rain. Later Hans and Gabriel decided to come next to me, after I silently called them. Their upper bodies and warm body colors seemed unreal in the disappearing grey context of the sea and the thousands of rain drops hitting the water.

At that moment I would have really liked to take a picture, it would have been with very bad consequences for my camera. I will keep the image forever.

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Marisa Polin said...

I didn't know until the day after that the rain and wind we had were the small part that got the Andaman sea of the cyclon in Myanmar.