23 April 2008

180 years of Dutch-Mexican friendship

I didn't actually knew what was precisely the event or if I was expecting anything. My husband told me, I hope there are going to be mariachis, and that was the first moment I realize that it was, of course, something festive.

As we arrived the conference had already started but it was within seconds that I noticed the speaker was telling a part of history that I had not a clue of and that actually I had never thought about it. I was coming from helping my son on his school work about Mexico and we just had it about the Mexican Independence, so I was in the history mood.
After Mexico proclaimed its independance from Spain few countries dared provoking the last by engaging on diplomatic relations with the new country, a news story that we read often as new countries get their own status. After England signed the first treaty and with strong doubts, Willem I signed a treaty confirming Dutch-Mexican relations exactly 180 years ago.
It seems that it was a completely forgotten part of history until a history student dived into the foreign affairs archives in The Hague.
So you see, history is being made all the time, even about the older history.

An anecdote of the evening: the mariachi singer was Carolina de Holanda, a Dutch singer who sings not only in the pure Mexican tradition but also has absolutely no accent but correct 'Mexican'.

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