25 December 2007


Kluun, a name for a writer? It must be a joke, I thought when I started hearing the interview on the long time ago saved podcast about the writer Kluun. He was answering questions about his book: When a woman comes to the doctor. I also thought the title of the book as strange or at least as incomplete. But that book had been sold, I don’t remember exactly, something like a million times already in The Netherlands and I have not noticed very much of that hype.
Apparently big part of the audience had been judging him negatively. Kluun, writing a book about his dead sick wife while he was not only promiscuous but unfaithful and o big sin, written in a funny way. She was already dead, and apparently as he explained she asked him explicitely to write about it.
I finally ready and after crying my life I have to say I enjoyed the book.

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