07 December 2007

About trees... and strange roads in life

I just love Internet, it may be a labyrinth but it can also be 'light at the end of the tunnel'. And Internet mixed with real life (even though I can say that Internet "is real life") is even better:
Wednesday last week I met by chance Vesta Kroese -my ex neighbour girl turned professional artist- in front of my local supermarket. I have not seen her in years. She told me she had studied architecture and she was an artist now, just as her father, mother and brother. Those were the first news about her artist life. I was very curious about what she was doing and asked her to send me some images via e-mail.
Three days later, on Saturday as we were celebrating the opening at Ververs Gallery in Amsterdam where I was exhibiting some of my works I saw her popping into the gallery. I just couldn't remember inviting her... I invited very few people as I was busy with other things. She happened to have an appointment in front of the gallery, saw many people inside and as a curious person she decided to get in and then it was that she saw me there. Just by chance.

Yesterday she sent me some of her images, I am very enthusiast about her work, and her brother's website address. Aldo Kroese -a sports teacher turned artist- has also very fun and intriguing works. They were the first images I saw of his art work. Eclipse is one of his pieces.
Among his friends links I jumped into Harm van den Dorpel's work, also creative and interesting. But I don't know by which reasons I got into his flickr account and within his photos I recognized Paloma Rodriguez Carrington. It had to be her. I jumped from her flickr account into her weblog where I read that she is back. I had been thinking a lot of her recently as she had interviewed me sometime in the spring and I knew she would be going to the USA to make research on the chicanas "quinceanera" festivities. Of course I wanted to know how it all went. When I danced briefly with his father on the "Independence Party" last September I did not have time to asked him about her.
Well, now I let you know how it happens often to many people as they take conscious and random road choices in the net and in life.
When I was looking at Harms amazing photo work's with figures that discompose in time -you have to see them to understand this- I thought: how strange, I've seen this before! Now I realize that Paloma had let me see some of the works at the beginning of this year. So, not such a big coincidence but the subconscious part of me made big part of the work.
Harm van den Dorpel view of Mexican trees. They remind me of my Kyoto trees. It is good to be away from home to be able to see things better. The second tree photo is mine.


Paloma Rodríguez Carrington said...

I totally agree Marisa, the internet is a wonderful world, full of surprises.

I was there at the Independence Day Celebration in Wassenaar and even saw you dance with my father...It was touching... I didn't get the chance to talk to you because afterwards I couldn't find you. If I would have found you I would have thanked you so much for the wonderful interview we had. I think about it alot!

I hope we will meet again soon.


Paloma Rodríguez Carrington said...

I forgot to tell you: I wish for a very happy, wonderful new year for you and your family!