02 November 2007

Sculptures Forever Gone

The two (blue and yellow) sculptures around the corner of my house disappeared without leaving traces. 18 years ago as I saw those leaning tubes I wondered for weeks what were they. Until one day I realized it was art. Since then I knew that when there was a strange element on the streets of The Hague that I didn't know what it was it most be art. I took many photographs of them. Until one day I say the tubes sawed from the ground leaning on the walk side. As an exception that day I didn't have my camera on, so I can not show you the last moments of an uncomprehended sculpture. Many people who walked in front of them or stopped at the red light never saw them being there and they don't even know they disappeared without any honours. But for those who saw them and at least realize there is something missing I let you see some of my pictures of two gone public space sculptures in The Hague.
To watch more photo's.

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