20 October 2007


I used the puncher on some of my works of like 5 years ago. In the first photo I transformed parts of printed portraits in this case with the puncher.

Later I used the little paper circles (instead of the holes) to use them on collages in my drawings (no example), what finally evolved into small painted circles to build up the paintings.

Now the points are so transformed on my portraits that only because I remind me of that is that the origin comes into place.
The work of artist Dorien de Wit has holes made by a paper puncher, it is a very small work. Maybe he means snow as it is some mountain view from the 40's or 50's. I don't know how this photo fits into the rest of his art work.

But Ricardo Rendon uses the concept of hole making to a far away distance. His first example has a direct relation to the Wit's work. The other photographs let us see the pad he is following. It is worth looking at his site. I think he has a strong concept and clear use of materials.

The next photo belongs to a previous series of him.

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