28 October 2007

Art as food

Delicious, the exhibition at the Gemeente Museum in The Hague of the Royal Painting Prize. You don't see often such a coherent group exhibition, no theme just a selection from the sent artwork. Of course a good selection and well curated. In the aesthetic unity there was also a lot of differentiation of styles and expression. The colors, the textures, the imagination... all of it to be enjoyed. Many new fresh images. The exhibition is a 5 star recommendation.
I was surprised that most of the paintings were oil paint and very, very few acrylic paint. Until some years it would have been a half/half situation. I also noticed that was a lot of masking tape used to reach the bold edges between color, I haven't seen so much masking tape since decades and also in very organic paintings. One of the typical masking tape examples is: Malin Persson.

There is also a public prize, where we were asked to choose our favorite painting, I had to go two extra rounds before I made op my mind. I think my own final choice is not going to win, but the more flowery, pinkie and decorative work of Danielle van Broekhoven.
Any way I voted for a work I would love to have at home, by Tamme de Boer.
The other three I was also tempted to vote for are:

Sebastian Verhees, Bonnie Severien and Jaring Lockhorst.
Another good reason to go now to the Gemeente Museum is to see Michael Kirkhams paintings, kinky, sad and lonely and very much Kirkham.

On the other hand the exhibition at Gem Museum, just next to the Gemeente museum, of Daniel Richter it just confirmed me that I don't like his work, in a way it annoys me, I don't feel him as a sincere artist, but what bothers me the most is the feeling I get of wanting to change things in his paintings. I am not saying he is over rated, I just don't like him and I can't get at all exited by his paintings.
Enjoy the feeding art.

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