28 August 2007

Loretta Lux vs Elizabeth Koning

The first 4 photograph's are Loretta Lux's and the other four Elizabeth Koning's. From the beginning of 2006 when I first saw both groups of works, Elizabeth Koning has changed a lot.

As far as I can see at Lux's site she has kept the same line. These are the best examples I was able to find to show you why I put them together in the same log.

Judge for yourself,


Anonymous said...


Briefly, I agree with Charles Freger. I also think you are going a bit too fast in the way you are judging my work or the work of some other photographers working in that type of portraits. You can find a certain diversity in the way we all work: in the choice of our topic, our light, the choice of a background, the type of our prints, etc."

I invite you to have a look on my website www.elizabethkoning.com to see more images, to get them in their original context.

All the best

Elizabeth Koning

Marisa Polin said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Thanks for your comment.
I am not judging, I am finding similarities. I am not comparing your work with Freger's or any one mentioned before but with Lux's. And I told you so the very first time I met you. And you said so too.
I know your site, I said too that those works specifically are where I see the common ground.
It is very interesting how themes, ways of working coincide within artists works. It is what I see and that of course also happens with my own work. We are not alone, but some are less alone...
I invite you to read some more entries on my blog, where I talk about other kind of similar visual expressions.
Please let me know what you think.

Marisa Polin

Marisa Polin said...

Dear Elizabeth,

By the way, I really liked your first photo on the site: "Mother child".