26 July 2007

Co-country fellows

This could be a possible translation of the title of my new series of paintings: Mederlanders. It is some kind of pun between Nederlanders (people from The Netherlands) and mede- which is often used as prefix for doing with, like colleague or co-workers. It is such a new word that I thought I had made it op.

For me it means ALL of us who share this country: The Netherlands. The last years we have had an accentuated separation between those who had lived here for generations, those who are first generation here and all the way to the new-dutch, born somewhere but wishing to be part of this specific community (as it would be my own case).

The series of portraits (7) I would be making want to represent together all Mederlanders. Any one leaving here could identify themselves with one of many of my portraits. I want it to be a synthesis of all Dutch people.
Here I am showing you three paintings from the series:
Rkia (a friends' mother), Naema (a writer), Frits (thinker and politician) in that order.

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