30 June 2007

The New trend: photo-sculpture?

Have you ever seen that? It is a bit clumsy but impressive life size human figure that makes you wonder for 10 seconds what are you looking at until you realize it is a 3D photo collage. It happened to me last Thursday at the second Nest opening at De DCR exhibition space in The Hague.

Here there were three heads at life size height staring to the horizon. I was afraid but I was attracted and curious. Pity I didn't write down the name of the artist, so I can not tell you now.
But today I receive this photo of a work by Osang Gwon and then it comes the obviously official name: photo-sculpture.

It is just as when you learn a new word, from that moment it seems at it has been everywhere but because you didn't know it you were not able to see it and hear it. Maybe is what is happening to me just as the revelation of last Thursday I may start seeing it now everywhere. I will keep my eyes open.
Any way, I think that the way it has been done it is rather different, the one in The Hague is more like a scan or very scientific development, completely under control nearly robot like. The second one is more home made, with faults and more like a David Hockney Polaroid collage. All the blues of the dress are wrongly printed and that gives part of the charm. Also as the first is nearly soldier like: "yes, sir". The second is more thought as one of this late photographs of unsure teenagers in uncomfortable or impossible positions. The second is more a 3 dimensional photograph and the first is more like a 3D digital idea.

I just discover the third one: Jasper de Beijer and here two examples. De Beijer makes a photograph of the photo-sculpture and it is a lot less realistic it is with irony or at least with a twist to the mouth. It is nearer to the building of a cartoon.

Same materials, same new idea but a very different result. More examples.

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