08 May 2007

Is it possible to be in love with a city?

I just fell in love with Rio, my good friend Barbara was right. Rio, is for me, the most beautiful city. What it makes it special is the real city feeling mixed with a complete beach life, in a marvelous nature setting, consequent architecture, lively streets and culture and very agreeable population.
There are two myths I think are far from reality.
1st.-Crime, I thought I would be mugged at each corner, I wasn't. It may be dangerous but if you are careful and lucky nothing would happen and I coming from Mexico City, also a socially contrasted society.
2nd.-Adoration of beauty. It is not true. Some people are self conscious, there are plenty of sport schools and people walk a lot along the boulevards but I also saw many overweight Brazilians and not caring at all about their looks and fitness. Not so much different that other big cities.
Here some photos of why I loved my trip to Brazil.
There are photos of the Pantanal, the Fazenda where we stayed, Rio, Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

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