09 April 2007

Holly Week

You don't have to look far to find beauty. As I was taking photographs of the patio side of my studio I realized the pieris japonica was "flowering", actually the red "flowers" are not really flowers but colorful leaves that after some days turn into normal green. I took photo's of it and then of some insects until I discover just there in front of me a dead beautiful and "healthy" looking dove. It had all this rich grey colors and an attractive texture. I said to myself, she died of age, no other reason. The dove lying there amids the grey and white soft river stones had something serene.
The other two photo's are of the "Red Elephant" a famous 1920's Shell building, from our garden and Gabriel enjoying the wind on his face like a young dog.
It surprises me how many people wished me a nice Holly Week, I wished them back correct as I am, and my weekend was nice, but is it that many people are really religious? But actually it can't be, as the origin of Holly Week is a tortured and bleeding man who thought different about life than his contemporaries. So, how can you wish a nice Holly week?
Well, as far as I remember probably the nicest times of my youth were the empty streets of Mexico City during those religious days and not going to school. I loved that week, even though being at a nun's school I never forgot about the torturing of 2000 years before.
Give it a thought.

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