12 March 2007

Barcelona Mountains

After the city of Barcelona we stayed at friend's on the mountains of Barcelona, from here you can see the sea, Montserrat, beautiful forest and old towns but the main attraction is St Llorenc, the mountain in front of us.
Beautiful mountains and stone formations are always amazing and they transport you to places you had never imagined. St Llorenc is a good example. You just don't understand why and how is it there.
Well, we were there to eat calcots a typical Catalans meal, where something between a spring onion and leek is baked and burn in the oven and then you eat the peeled hart with an almond sauce. Delicious and unique. Yesterday at the supermarket I saw the leeks and I just wished I could eat calcots again. And to tell you the truth I had never find leeks so specially tasty.
Our friends were the perfect hosts and we tried to behave as the perfect guests. We enjoyed the conversations, the trips, the food and the landscapes. It was a great small group. The two children just like the adults had a good communication.
The sun was generous and we even took off our sweaters and light coats facing the sun rays.
One special extra was the magnificent moon eclipse. I think the moon has changed for me since I saw that, it was so frightening beautiful.... It made me think of the old peoples where the cult to sun and moon are so important.
It was a very special week for our family (gezin) in Dutch also because it was time to think good about the future.
The photo's show St Llorenc and the sunset behind Montserrat, the calcots and some of our friends.

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