23 December 2006

Time to move again

Just back from Mexico with very good stories and tomorrow leaving for London. It seems so far away when I lived there, and the city and I were one. So much in love was I with lovely historical cultural and social London. I call it my real university. I learned there what life was. Not only how to make those unique friendships but also how to keep them.

In times with expensive telephones, no celular phones and no e-mails. Let's say it was all made by hand. It was all so fragile. People from all around the world, moving constantly, it was hard work. And it was all worth.
Tomorrow back, to one of my best friends of those times.
Who also married my cousin-nearly sister. So much I stil love London. Where not only Steve and Margarita live but also their three children. And tomorrow I wil meet the third, little Alex.
Oh London of art, how luxurios, we wil vistit the art of David Hockney, master of drawing and always daring to reinvent himself. I wonder? And of course the master of masters: Velazquez, one of the few artists I've admired continuosly since I was 5 or 6.
I have only seen very few in real, apart from the 3 works that went to the Museo de Arte Moderno of Mex. City maybe in 1976, and a few were to be seen in El Prado when I was there in 1988.
Would I stil love the artist of the daring paint strokes?
Oh my London.
The photo's: my sister Monica y su compadre. Marisa in front of Torrelatinoamericana. A visit to a secondary school where they had the huge Mexican and Dutch flags to receive the Dutch delegation. The remains of the demonstrations organized by Lopez Obrador, you can see the Cathedral, the communist party flag, Lenin flag. The Popocatepetl from the Puebla side. Two lovers at the entrance of Bellas Artes with a background of students and a lovely sunny midday.

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