05 October 2006

Studio 4x

After 30 hard working months at my studio in Parallelweg I returned yesterday the keys. Chapter closed, well not really because I stil have plenty of furniture waiting to be picked up in the hall.
My long awaited New Studio is not yet ready, even though I am already filling it with boxes full of paint and paintings.
My old studio-office at home, filled up to the top with papers and probably with some unopened envelopes, is waiting to be emptied into the New Studio.
And as my friend Marjoleijn den Boer was so kind to let me work temporary at her studio, while the New Studio is ready, I realized today, I have 4 studios!
As they say in Dutch: "Luxe probleem".
I feel so lucky and you can not imagine how excited I am to move to the New Studio, I can't wait.
But in the mean time I am going to enjoy sharing more time with Marjolijn. Quite a thing to work so next to each other! We have fun conversations!

The photo's are Marjoleijn de Boer's studio and one of her last paintings of her rabbit. The working team at the new studio.

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