19 June 2006

Madeleine Al(l) Bright

Madeleine Albright held a bright lecture organized by the John Adams Institute. It was not only bright and clear but also full of humorous accents, and sincere. She also showed, as she was being interviewed, that she doesn’t hide after a fa├žade of absolute certainty. She doubts too and she let us know that she doesn’t know everything; she is prone to errors as everybody is. She told us things in a way that we felt we were talking ‘tete a tete’. The public agreed at many moments as she expressed her ‘deep doubts’ on the Bush’s administration.

Her main point on her new book is the relation of god, the peoples and the governments. Yes probably it is a time to admit religious is far more important that we wanted it to be.
On the reception afterwards we all agreed on the nice and convincing impression she and her words gave us.
I’ll be reading the book 'The Mighty and the Almighty' this summer.

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