20 June 2006

Cult TV, at work

Yesterday I was at CultTV. Evert Jan Vonk and Mercedes Garcia are making a tv program about my work, as a part of a cultural serie on artists in The Netherlans. The edition is nearly ready. It is fun and scary to see and hear yourself talking. At that moment you realize the magic of the media. As you normally talk whatever you say goes into the air. But in the case those words are being "saved" they become
more real than reality. Not so serious statements could be even become the representation of yourself. But at the other hand, it can only be taken so seriously by those involved. And at the end even for the person who watches the program it is something lighter than for the main character who is being intervieuwd. Any way I was happy that when I saw the rushes I didn't say many stupid things as in a way I kind of remember that.

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