23 May 2006

Saskia in the light

This is the invitation on the exhibition about Saskia van Rijn-Uylenburg, Rembrandt van Rijn's wife who died at a young age but was of great inspiration to the most important Golden Century Dutch artist.
World Art Delft invited international artists to get inspired by both Rembrandt and Saskia.
The opening is on june 11th at 15 hours .
Rotterdamseweg 28, Delft

I am participating with a portrait of a friend since I arrived in the Netherlands: Saskia van Amstel,
at the moment I met her she was the second Saskia a ever heard of, the first one was the wife of Rembrandt. And also what a coincidence both surnames describe a river. So Saskia was a name that I always found beatiful and related to art. When Paula Kouwenhoven invited me to this exhibition I thought automatically of making this portrait.
Saskia has already seen a photo of the painting and she sees herself there but inspired by Rembrandt.

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