20 April 2006

Back to Mexico or the wedding season

Thursday evening 12 hours before leaving to Mexico. Suitcases half packed, lots to do yet but I am here writing in my blog.
I had never been very good at setting priorities. Most often I start with the things I like the most and what can I say, I had been surviving in "priority life" rather well.
This trip to Mexico is exceptional, we will be joining my cousin Bernardo marrying his fiancee Maryori, and one week later again in Morelos, Mex. we will be present at the wedding of my friend Isabel. What a lucky season! And the best is that they are not on the same day!
As we are back in the Netherlands we will be partying at our niece's wedding. Martine and Wouter are finally getting married (see photo with the Dutch prime minister in Sidney Australia). Incredible. I just wanted to write how happy I am.

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