19 December 2005

Biënnale Sur 2006


Yesterday I met many latinamerican artists. We were all in the Bloemstraat (Flowerstreet) of Amsterdam to meet our colleges and talk about the coming Latinamerican Bienal in Amsterdam. I was very happy to be invited at this rather particular exhibition and meeting all the artists. As I saw the PDF of the catalogue I admired the high quality of the works. I think it is also going to be fun, a groep that is not even considered a minority within the Dutch statistics: latinamerican artists!
There were lots of delicious food and
we were learning to know each other. I was surprised that we were 5 mexican artists! (photo 3)
Well there were the recently arrived artists but also those that arrived 30 or more years ago, when Dutch people were not used at all to have that many foreigners as it is now the case. Among them the curators of the bienal: Jorge Menoni and Gorki Bollar (photo 4).
My friend Raul Marroquin who is also participating, is one of the first latinamericans in The Netherlands but he could not come to the evening.
There are going to be multidisciplinary group exhibitions. Different locations at different times. There are also some concerts planed and a beautiful colour catalogue will be available.
On the last photo Gorki is on my side.

Stichting Amsterdam Sur together with Stichting Mozaïek organized this special event that we all hope will be continued.

Photo in WM Gallery
Opening: saturday 7 january from 16.00 to 19.00 hours.
Elandsgracht 351016 TN Amsterdam. tel: 020-4211113.
Opening times: thursday through saturday 14-18 hours.
Visual Arts in Galerie Linka
Opening: saturday 4 february van 16.00 tot 19.00 hours.
Prinsengracht 690 1017 KZ Amsterdam. tel: 020-6243562
Openingtimes: thursday through saturday 14-18 hours
Visual Arts and Photo in ABC Treehouse Gallery
Opening: sonday 2 april from 16.00 to 19.00 uur
from thursday 30 Mach through sonday 30 April
ABC TreehouseVoetboogstraat 111012 XK Amsterdam.
tel: 020-4230967 (in the Treehouse)
Openening times: thursday through sonday from 13.00 -18.00 hours
Concerts at Het Bethaniënklooster
Tango: Silvia Mancuso, Martin de RuiterJazz: Ramón Valle (piano)
Folklore and tango: Beatriz Aguiar, José Lopretti, Hernán Ruiz
Saturday 28 january at 20.00 hours
Barndesteeg 6B1012 BV Amsterdam. tel: 020 - 625 00 78 entrance: € 7,50

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Gorki said...

Es para avisarte que el ‘link’ al sitio-web de la Bienal en este blog, lleva a otra dirección; Stichting Mozaïek.nl; pero la dirección de ‘nuestra’ stichting es: www.stichtingmozaiek.org
(o sea ‘org’ en lugar de ‘nl’). Me gusta mucho el polink blog. Feliz Año Nuevo! Saludo, Gorki.