16 December 2005

Art Show at the Pink Gala, The Hague

I am very busy preparing a special art exhibition. It will be held during the Pink Gala on March 11 at The Old Church of The Hague. After many e-mail communications the group is ready. 13 artists emotionally and artistically involved in helping gather money for breast cancer research and to bring awareness of the illness and the consequences for those sick and their families. The theme is a positive one "See me, feel me, heal me".
Far to many (young) women and sometimes men get this illness. First it should be discovered in early stages when the surviving percentage is high and second new therapies should be developed. Among the artists who are joining for the exhibition are some of them personally involved with the illness and I am sure the way they will translate it in their work of art will be moving. The choice of artists was emotionally based.
The first photo is one of the works that are ready, made by my dear neighbour artist Marjolijn den Boer. Her work, that I admire profoundly is always tricky, ironic and playful and the technical side of it is very personal.
The second photo is 1/4 of my own presentation: four portraits of people who (had) had cancer. Just as they are. Looking into the eyes, frontal, fragile and direct. Like most of my portraits.
The participating artists are:Simon Anderton (silver jewelry)/Rachel Bacon (mixed media)/ Marjolijn Den Boer (photography)/Geeske Harting (painting)/Paula Kouhenhoven (painting)/Toyin Loye (drawing)/Raul Marroquin (mixed media)/Marisa Polin (painting)/Ellen Rodenberg (painting)/Hester Scheurwater (photography)/Siebrand Weitenberg (painting)/Lisette Verkerk (sculpture)/Aline Thomassen (drawing).

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