23 September 2005

Saying goodbye to a painting

Do you know what it feels to let one of your favorite paintings go? That is what I had to do today, instead of looking at a joyful Billy in my living room, now it is an empty wall. Actually I only had it for a few days since it came back from the exhibition at the Dutch Central Bank a little more than one week ago.
Today it was being picked up to be given as a present to my clients' daughter. I wonder how she would like it.
Today I also brought Billy 2 (I made two paintings of this 'famous' dog) back to their owners.
So I said goodbye to two paintings, it sounds easy but it is a bit painful. Would they be hanging in the right context? Would they be treated right? Would I see them again? This last one is the more important question. Because no matter how good a reproduction can be, you can forget the actual brush stroke and the real effect of the colors.
It is just like thinking that having the photo of your child could be a good substitute of the real person.
I have the feeling I will see them again, but never again in my living room.

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